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Plastics Trading

Plastics recycling affects a range of products, from drink containers to shopping bags to pipes.

The use of plastics of our products makes recycling very important as we can clean and process into reusable materials.

We ship preindustrial and post consumer material to China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. We also own and invest in plastic processing companies and plants in Asia, including China and Malaysia.

We recycle the following:

(Low Density Polyethylene) / (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)
LLDPE Stretch Film

(High Density Polyethylene)

(polyethylene terephthalate)

MRP (Mixed Rigid Plastic)

PP(Polypropylene) Super Sacs

PP(Polypropylene) Twine

*Materials must be clean, sorted and not contain excessive contaminations in order to be recycled.

LDPE/LLDPE Stretch Film

LDPE Film material itself tends to be soft and flexible and is generally is most known from plastic bags or six pack rings. Large boxes containing industrial and consumer products such as furniture, appliances and most packages ordered online, is usually wrapped in plastic wrap made of LDPE/LLDPE.

MRP (Mixed Rigid Plastic)

is as the name implied, mixed, rigid, and plastic.

Examples include, but not limited to; milk/soda crates, baskets, 55 gallon drums, trash toters, buckets, some toys, lawn furniture, etc…

PP Super Sacs

also known as bulk bags or big bags are commonly used for holding and transporting a large amount of goods, and occasionally used as a cost effective replacement for pallets. These are made from virgin PP(polypropylene) and makes reusing the reprocessed material more usable for future products.

PET(polyethylene terephthalate) Bottles

are most commonly seen from water or soda bottles and are usually recycled from post consumer waste. Recycling facilities will take the bottles for sorting, crushing and then baling for before recycling.

PP Twine – Rope