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JC Horizon Ltd is a global leader in metal recycling. We are committed to excellence to our customers along the supply chain. JC Horizon takes full advantage of resources and skills to develop business. We continue to focus on trading non-ferrous scrap to metal scrap consumers all over the world. JC Horizon has become one of the largest electric motor exporters in the United States.

JC Horizon Ltd proudly holds certification in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 series. We deeply care about the environmental footprint and as such we are always mindful of the lasting effects of metal recycling on the environment. Ultimately, we continually strive to improve our processes for a better and brighter future in recycling. Thus, quality control is utmost importance. There is always open communication along the supply chain, i.e safety protocols and improvements are shared to improve the upstream products.

Over the past decade, we have built solid network of supplier yard channels in North America. We leverage strong business ties through trust and honesty to procure quality raw materials.

JC Horizon Ltd established Yuen Zheng Da Industries SDN. BHD (YZD) in 2018, which has become one of the largest scrap metal dismantling and processing center in Malaysia. YZD combines the local Aluminum Factory Trimax Metal SDN BHD. By improving product technique and skills, we make high quality aluminum ingots to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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JC Horizon continues to grow as markets evolve even faster while becoming more diverse and global. We have conducted aggressive business operations in Southeast Asia. Going beyond traditional trading activities, we have our own processing facilities in Kelang, Malaysia. Below are non-ferrous grades that we handle:

Small Electric Motors

Consists either whole or dismantled motor parts and primarily with copper-winding inside. Generally small electric motors are about basketball size or smaller. This category doesn’t include micro/miniature electronic motors. Copper content will vary due to factors.

Mixed Electric Motors

Consists either whole or dismantled motor parts and primarily with copper-winding inside. Generally mixed electric motors, as namesake, consists of a mix or blended small sized electric motors and medium-to-large sized motors weighing less than 500 pounds. Copper content will vary due to factors

Large Electric Motors

Consists either whole or dismantled motor parts and primarily with copper-winding inside. Large electric motors will have cast iron or steel outer case. These types of large motors are used industrial application. In regards to size, motors can range weighing 1500 pounds and under. Copper content will vary due to factors.

Auto Cores

(Alternator, Aluminum Nose Starter, AC Compressor)

Scrap auto parts for recycling consists of alternator, aluminum nose starter, ac car compressors. Alternators will comprise of copper winding stator for generating electricity for car components. Aluminum nose starters have steel body and aluminum head. Solenoid may or may not be attached. AC compressors has aluminum alloy casing with clutch and steel pulley flywheel.

Digital Meters & Analog Meters

Digital and Analog meters used by municipality to measure electricity usage. Digital meters shall have digital readout or display. Analog meters are older styles that have a mechanical-rotary dial as readout. The shroud or cover can be plastic or glass. Plastic is preferred. If glass cover, then it is best for supplier to carefully remove and properly recycle.

Aluminum Gas Meters

Consists of full aluminum body – top and bottom portion. There are different shapes and sizes. Some have steel bottoms which are less desirable.

Shredded Motors


Meatballs are primarily harvested for the copper content (~20%). Motors are pulverized through shredder and the outer steel casing is removed, leaving the internal core with copper windings. Household appliances are known to have lower grade copper or even aluminum wire windings. This is undesirable.

Copper Transformers

(Small, Medium & Large)

Transformers range from all shapes and sizes. There are three different compositional windings: copper, copper/aluminum, and just aluminum. Most valuable is copper windings on both ends. Regarding sizing, there are three categories: small, medium, large. Small transformers shall be palm-sized and no larger than two palm lengths together. Medium transformers shall be larger than palm sized and no bigger than a computer monitor in diameter. Large transformers shall be anything from a microwave (in size) and larger. Compositional copper content will vary accordingly based on factors described above.

Zorba/Zorba Fines/Zurik

Zorba is shredded aluminum scrap. There can be trace amount of copper, brass, ICW, stainless steel. Anything not metallic is considered waste or trash. Sizing can be 2-5” in diameter. Zobra fines are smaller in size usually 1.5” and under. Similar to Zorba, analysis of the metallic composition is required to know the percentage breakdown. Zurik is shredded stainless steel scrap. Same applies here on compositional analysis.

Insulated Copper Wire - ICW

(Harness Wire, CATV, CAT5, URD)

Harness wire shall consist of electrical wiring exclusively from automotive cars. Wiring from industrial machinery or from trucks (diesel or farming equipment) is less desirable. Large plastic pieces shall be removed including the fuse boxes.

CATV Cable

Commonly used in residential application whether connections to tv or modem.

Three types: bare/black/irony.

Category (CAT) 5 Cable

Commonly used in office networking application whether computer clusters, router or modem.

Scrap recycling for the copper wire inside.


URD stands for underground residential distribution cable. Compositional recovery will vary. Sampling is best for practicality. Middle portion is aluminum core with grey/orange foam insulation. Copper wire – in various gauge – will wrap around the insulation. The copper can be flat or tubular and there may be electroplating (tinned) on the surface of copper wire.


Computer components and peripherals (i.e. office phones, cd-rom drives, adapters)