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CEO and Founder

Ms. Judy Lee, the founder and president of JC Horizon Ltd. since 1996 has strong belief in preserving the environment and natural resources which led her into the recycling business in the 1970s. Before founding JC Horizon Ltd., Ms. Lee was the Vice President of V & C Company, which was one of the well-known waste paper dealers in the U.S. She was the first to introduce waste paper to Chinese paper making industry in the early 1980s, opening a new page for making paper from waste paper instead of virgin fiber in China.

Under Ms. Lee’s leadership, JC Horizon Ltd. continues its rapid growth and expansion in several industries. The company has established new factories and plants in Asia in 2018 to assert its leadership in the recycling business. In October 2018, Ms. Lee opened her first dessert store of a well-known fusion restaurant/dessert franchise in Daly City, CA. To continue her pursuit in the food industry, Ms. Lee and her partners obtained the US exclusive master franchisee of an international dessert chain and plan to open 30 stores in 2020 on the west coast of US.

As part of the company’s new business ventures in real estate development, Ms. Lee is working closely with architects, engineering and construction companies to develop corporate offices, warehouses, hotels, residential and mix-use projects and is continuing to build teams of professionals for property management.

Since 2016, Ms. Lee worked with a leading care provider in California providing housings for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Other projects Ms. Lee undertakes in the health care area including senior care, nursing home services with the first adult day care center scheduled to open in the first/second quarter of 2020.

In addition to expanding JC Horizon Ltd., Ms. Lee still manages to find time for charity, church, and community including founding the Home of Christ in Los Angeles with her father Mr. Pearson Lee.